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Commercial & House Painting Services

Painter North Shore & Auckland Wide

A lot goes into a quality paint job, one that stands the test of time and looks as good as new many years on.

Like most things in life, the key is preparation. The extra time spent carefully sanding, stripping, priming and preparing surfaces makes all the difference. We never rush this process. Jobs that are rushed may look good initially, but in a few months flakes, cracks and even peeling can occur. If you’re looking for a quality painter on the North Shore or anywhere in Auckland, be sure to get in touch. 

Highly Experience

The right tools and techniques are important for achieving a professional finish. We know how to tackle any surface, nook or cranny to get the best finish possible.

Best Practice Workmanship

By following a proven process and taking pride in our work, our clients enjoy a quality finish that looks good now and in years to come. Before applying new paint we always:

  1. Remove all loose, flaky, and cracked paint
  2. Fill nail holes and cracks
  3. Sand surfaces smooth
  4. Apply trusted, quality brands from reputable suppliers

Transparent Quotes

We also make sure that our quotes are highly detailed, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

A professional painter will be able to tell you how they’ll prepare the surface, the type of paint they’ll use and how many coats are needed before they start.

The number of quotes required varies depending on the surface and colour; but we always quote for what you need so you’re not hit with variations at the end. If you’re after a top quality North Shore painter, or a painter for another Auckland suburb, be sure to get in touch with us today.