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Waterproofing Products

About Evo Products

  • Non-flammable
  • Environmental friendly
  • Won’t attack the surface treated
  • Used to remove efflorescence (white chalky substance)
  • Seal and waterproof masonry and concrete
  • Perfect for masonry, brick, block structures, walls, floors suffering efflorescence
  • Can be used in both positive and negative waterproofing situations

Designed in the USA and manufactured in Australia, Evo Products are ideal for new or remedial works with any absorbent masonry material.

Evo products, once absorbed, have been proven to increase the compressive strength of masonry material by as much as 60%.

EVO-SALTAWAY is an industrial strength efflorescence (SALT) remover specially formulated for industrial, commercial and residential use for concrete and masonry surfaces. If you notice white patches seeping through cracks, this is likely the best solution for your surface.

Its special non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable and non-hazardous formulation with no solvents or other aggressive chemicals, allows effective removal of efflorescence from all masonry surfaces without harmful effects for the environment.

About Noxyde Products

  • Proven since 1950
  • Perfect for roofs, asbestos encapsulation & rusted surfaces
  • Anti-corrosive, UV resistant & extremely durable
  • Easy to apply with minimal preparation required

Noxyde is one of the best available long term corrosion protection and waterproofing for exposed structures, buildings and roofs, also is the perfect product for asbestos encapsulation.

NOXYDE can be applied directly to metal/substrate, and with the correct preparation can be applied without using a separate primer. Thereby saving time and money. The product is very versatile and can be applied over most substrates.

Throughout NZ it is extensively used as an anti-corrosive, durable waterproof membrane for existing rusting surfaces. Noxyde is used at Auckland Skytower to protect the structural steel.

About Drizoro Products

Drizoro MAXSEAL® FLEX-M provides many advantages like:

  • A fully-flexible coating that ensures complete waterproofing even in the most severe conditions, for high negative and positive water pressure.
  • Good crack-bridging capability
  • Excellent barrier effect against CO2 and chlorine, and withstands atmospheric pollution
  • Resistant to abrasion and UV rays
  • Excellent adhesion – no need to prime and it can be applied on wet surfaces
  • Non-toxic, suitable for contact with water and allows ponding
  • Longer lasting than other coatings, which means lower maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly and suitable for application in poor ventilation areas
  • Withstands root penetration